Aino Sutinen

Aino Sutinen (born in 1983) works in several styles for different occasions. She produces infocomics, strips, documentary and autobiographical comics and some short stories.

One of Sutinen’s ambitions is to develop the genre of graphic travelogues. In Vaimoksi vuorille (2015) and Taksi Kurdistaniin (2009) she tells autobiographical stories of backpacking travels in the South Caucasus and Middle East, respectively. Sutinen’s works, politically commenting and otherwise, have been published on several anthologies, magazines and newspapers.

Sutinen also works press officer and associate editor at Comics Center, headquarters of Finnish Comics Society in Helsinki.


Vaimoksi vuorille – Reppumatkasarjakuvia Etelä-Kaukasiasta / Mountain Wife – Backbacking comics from the South Caucasus (2015)
Taksi Kurdistaniin – Reppumatkasarjakuvia Lähi-idästä

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