Annukka Leppänen

Annukka Leppänen (born 1967) is a Helsinki based information technology trainer, a graphic artist and Illustrator. She has a degree in visual art (AMK). Her cartoons have been published in the leading Finnish LGBT and Queer magazine, Z-journal (often in collaboration with screenwriter Katariina “Katsu” Kujala) and her first comic album Anopin unelma (Mother-in-law’s Dream) was published in 2002.

Later comic Pirjo ja kaveri (parts I and II) is based on a comedy show screenplay by the scriptwriter Paula Noronen and musician Heidi Nuutilainen, in which the thread is based on the parody of common relationship and sex conventions through the form of dialogues between the main characters, bisexual Pirjo and her lesbian friend Terde. According to the illustrator, “the script was done originally for standup gigs and had a long monologue, which was quite challenging when I adapted and drew a series of images.”

Leppänen’s drawing style has been said to represent rather “traditional comic strip stuff” but her sense of humour – often containing fresh social criticism – has been found insightful. She wants to continue as not only as an illustrator but as an author of her own stories. She is currently working on her second “solo” album about the challenges people face when in a long term relationship. Her previous album, Terapian tarpeessa was a story about what it is like to be bullied as a child, move to a foreign country and ultimately, to figure out these things and their effects in adulthood.


Terapian tarpeessa (2013)
Pirjo ja kaveri (with Paula Noronen, 2010)
Anopin unelma (2002)
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