Hanneriina Moisseinen

The visual and comic artist Moisseinen (born in 1978) skillfully exploits the Finnish oral storytelling tradition. Moisseinen’s debut album Sen synty ja muita Vienan hävyttömiä ja hulvattomia tarinoita (2005) is a collection of illustrated old cheeky stories from the Viena Karelia area. Setit ja partituurit (2010), on the other hand, contains contemporary stories about embarrassing situations. Isä (2013) tells the real life story of the disappearance of Moisseinen’s father.

In the recent years, Moisseinen has been testing the limits of comic expression by including knitting and embroidery in her work. The technique is slow but produces a strong emotional effect.



Isä (2013)
Setit ja partituurit : häpeällisiä tarinoita (2010)

Sen synty ja muita Vienan hävyttömiä ja hulvattomia starinoita (2005)



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