Hannu Lukkarinen

Hannu Lukkarinen (born in 1949) is a Finnish cartoon artist and illustrator whose broad career consists of illustrations for media, advertising and publishing industries with over 60 books collaborated with different writers and artists. He has also illustrated some media closed court cases in Finland and done illustrations for study materials for different age groups.

Lukkarinen studied illustration at the Academies of Fine Arts of Helsinki and of Budapest and has been a professional freelance illustrator since 1974. He was awarded the Lempi Grand Prix Prize in 2012 for his achievements during his career.

In the 90’s Lukkarinen started working with cartoons and collaboratedwith the American writer Andrew Vachss on two books: Alamaailma 1 – Pummi (1997) and Alamaailma 2 – Rakkauden tunneli (1998), published by the Finnish publishing house Like. After that Lukkarinen teamed up with the Finnish writer Arto Paasilinna and made two books Ronkoteus – Lentävä kirvesmies (2002) and Karvainen kamaripalvelija (2006) based on Paasilinna’s previously published writings.

Lukkarinen also collaborated with Juha Ruusuvuori on a cartoon book series about Nicholas Grisefoth’s adventures in Medieval Finland. The series was published by WSOY and three of the books were also published in French by Mosquito in France.



Nicholas Grisefoth  5 – Susien linna 5 (2013)
Nicholas Grisefoth 4 – Kivinen laiva (2009)
Luutnantti Ilves – Suomen ilmasodan korkeajännitys (2009)
Nicholas Grisefoth 3 – Merirosvo (2008)
Nicholas Grisefothin seikkailut 2 – Kauppamiehen kosto (2007)
Nicholas Grisefothin seikkailut 1 – Luukauppias (2006)
Karvainen kamaripalvelija (2006)
Ronkoteus – Lentävä kirvesmies (2002)
Alamaailma 2 – Rakkauden tunneli
Alamaailma 1 – Pummi (1997)

Publications in French:

Nicholas Grisefoth Tome 3, La Nef de pierre (2013)
Nicholas Grisefoth Tome 2, La Vengeance du marchand (2012)
Nicholas Grisefoth Tome 1, Les Ossement de Saint Henrik (2011)


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