Jaana Suorsa

Jaana Suorsa (born in 1964) is a Finnish cartoonist and painter living in Tampere. She teaches both cartoons and art and every now and then performs at children’s happenings illustrating and storytelling her own stories.

Suorsa is also a lyrics and rhyming enthusiast who translates lyrics and creates crossword puzzles for cartoon publications.

The artist has had her cartoons published in well known Finnish papers such as Turun Sanomat, Ilta-Sanomat and Kaleva. Her first series book Kettu was self-published in 2001. Since 2013 and still going on today, Suorsa’s Piggu Possu cartoon has been published in the Swedish comics magazine Serieparaden.


Jaana’s anonymous pig aforisms are witty and describe well the everyday struggles of growing up, being in a relationship and how to make it in a rough(ish) life. Suorsa has been creating her pigs since 2001 and has had five books published by the Finnish Publishing House Like. The pig books consist of one image comics written in Finnish and translated in French with the translations nailing to give a quirky and more profound meaning to the comics. The compilation book Kuka keksi aamun – Who invented the morning? was published in 2010 and comes with English translations.

Publications in Finnish:

Kettu – series book (2001)
Köyhän kirja – Pihin ekologiaa (2008)

In Finnish and French:

Elämä on laiffia – Tout est dans le cochon 1 (2003)

Huono aamuissa – Tout est dans le cochon 2 (2005)
Suuri rakkauskirja – Tout est dans le cochon 3 (2006)
Huvipuisto epäkunnossa – Tout es dans le cochon 4 (2007)

In Finnish and English:

Kuka keksi aamun – Who invented the morning? (2010)


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