Jarno Latva-Nikkola

Many Finnish comic artists have drawn influences from European comics and fine arts. Latva-Nikkola’s (born in 1977) work abounds in cheeky, raunchy black humor. Alcohol and sexuality, shame and unashamed stupidity thrive in stories that owe openly to the tradition of underground comics. Latva-Nikkola’s debut album Tunteiden maisteri (2007) is no exception: it is a nihilistic but hilarious depiction of the dark side of a relationships. Jarno Markuksen kauneimmat,  a collection of short stories published in 2010, shows him at his most versatile. A lot of the stories deal with relationships – between a young Finnish male living in the countryside, a man and woman exploiting each other, and so on – but always with a certain twist.


Ukkometsola (2013)
Cold Sweat (2013)
Jarno Markuksen kauneimmat (2010)
Tunteiden maisteri (2007)

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