Jii Roikonen

The best known character by Jii Roikonen (born in 1970) is a cat called Jasso-kissa, who has been in existence since 1992. Roikonen has drawn about a dozen collections and comic books about Jasso. The comic is about the adventures of Jasso the cat and his talking tail. The series and all Roikonen’s work are characterized by a clever way of twisting the Finnish language combined with light absurdism. Roikonen was probably at his most original in the beginning of the 1990’s when he astounded the Finnish comic scene with a number of very original self-published magazines. Nearly all of it has been published in collections later on.


Valoa (2007)
Mustaa (2005)
Jasso nurkissa (2004)
Jasso purkissa (2002)
Jasso, lemmen kissa (2002)
Jasso on super! (1998)
Ilman tuntua juhlassa (1997)
Jasso ja hännän kunnossapito (1996)
Jasso kaikilla mausteilla (1995)



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