JP Ahonen


JP Ahonen (born in 1981) started his career as a professional comics artist while working as a graphic designer at the Aamulehti newspaper of Tampere.

His first series Villimpi Pohjola is a coming-of-age Sunday strip that follows a bunch of grad students trying to find their place in life. Ahonen’s comic strips also include Puskaradio, a satire which addressed current events with anthropomorphic characters. The comic was published in the journalist trade magazine Journalisti from 2009 to 2013. Ahonen has also had his comics published in international anthologies Flight (volumes 4-8) and Fablewood (2008).

The most notorious of Ahonen’s latest works, Perkeros (2013) is a 192-paged comic novel about an avantgarde metal band, combining music, humour, drama and horror. The script was created together with KP Alare. Perkeros has so far been published also in English, French, German, Italian and in Spanish.

Ahonen currently lives in Tampere, Finland, where he works as a freelance artist via his own company Daily Hero, run together with his photographer wife Marjaana Malkamäki.


Villimpi Pohjola: Lapsus (2014)
Perkeros (2013)
Villimpi Pohjola: Pelinavaus (2013)
Puskaradio (2012)
Villimpi Pohjola: Kypsyyskoe (2011)
Ester Pärbergin tarinoita (2009)
Villimpi Pohjola 2 (2009)
Ink Retrospect (2008)
Villimpi Pohjola (2007)

Publications in Swedish:

Perkeros (2015)

Publications in Danish:

Perkeros (2015)

Publications in English:

Sing No Evil (2014)

Publications in French:

Perkeros – Les notes fantômes (2014)

Publications in German:

Perkeros (2014)

Publications in Italian:

Perkeros (2014)

Publications in Spanish:

Perkeros (2014)

  Perkeros JP Ahonen
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