Jyrki Heikkinen

Poet and comic artist Jyrki Heikkinen (born in 1958) has published four graphic novels/collections and a raft of small-scale self-published works. Heikkinen is a very productive artist who depicts people at their barest: as simple creatures humbled by the tumult of the world. His graphic novel Punajäkälä (2005) describes a desperate battle against memory loss and piano tuners in a mystical and emptied Northern Finland.

Heikkinen’s amazingly colourful stories are unique combinations of poetry and comic narrative. Heikkinen has also published six poetry books and can mix poetry and visual elements in a very interesting, almost revolutionary way. He is a member of the Kutikuti community of contemporary comics artists.


Leijonan veri velvoittaa (2012)
Apua on tulossa (2010)
Kiitosvirret + ylistyslaulut (2008)
Paparoad (2008)
Tohtori Futuro (2007)
Punajäkälä (2005)
Tsirnam bai (1999)

In French:
Atomic Ace Skiing In Savo (2014)
Le Lichen Rouge (2008)

In English:
Little Hilma (2015)

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