Jyrki Nissinen

Jyrki Nissinen’s (born in 1982) comics are highly punk in their attitude. The language is intentionally rugged, even erroneous, and the drawing is as unpolished as the storytelling. Nissinen’s best known publication is the Borgtron comic book (13 issues thus far). Very productive Nissinen has also drawn five graphic novels and collections, with rather telling names: Kiimaiset maantiesuolan imeskelijät (“Horny Road Salt Suckers”), Nuolee kuin eläin sipsiä (“Licks Like an Animal Licks a Potato Chip”), Yli 10 000 koiran koiranäyttely (“A Dog Show with More than 10,000 Dogs”), Auttaja Hai (“The Rescue Shark”) and Viihdealus Dream Zone (“Entertainment Ship Dream Zone”).


Viihdealus Dream Zone (2010)
Auttaja hai (2009)
Yli 10 000 koiran koiranäyttely (2008)
Kaikki vierailuni italialaisessa kodissa (2008)
Nuolee kuin eläin sipsiä (2007)
Kiimaiset maantiesuolan imeskelijät (2005)



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