Karri Laitinen

Karri Laitinen (born in 1967) has the eye for life’s more subtle little stories in his real life comics. In Kafkan tutti (2008) Laitinen presents an autobiographical account of events from the life of his family with small children. Laitinen’s sketch-like drawing and unpretentious stories create an authentic mood for the book.

Laitinen is a comics artist and teacher, active since a young age in the 1980s. Over the years he has published several works on various anthologies and magazines, working with autobiography, fiction and scripts by others such as Pauli Kallio, Finland’s only professional comics scriptwriter.


Turha luulo ja muut kootut kertomukset 1 1997-2002 (2012)
Kafkan tutti (2008)

Sarjakuvantekijä seikkailee (with Pauli Kallio, 2001)



Karri Laitinen: Kafkan tutti

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