Kati Rapia

Kati RapiaThe photographer Kati Rapia (born in Heinola 1972) who lives in Köpbacka, Loviisa, graduated from the University of Industrial Arts with a master’s degree in 2003. In addition to her comics books, she is known for her illustrations of disc covers, as well as animations and literary illustrations of practical handbooks. Of the latter, especially well-known are JUJU – Erilainen lastenvaatekirja (2007) and MAJA – Mielikuvituksellinen lastenhuonekirja, with the cooperation of Mari Savio, both of which deal with the issues of children’s clothing and the interior of the childrens’s room with a fresh kind of imagination.

Best known of Rapia’s comics books have been her self-published Lonkka magazines since 1996. Even prior to that she had worked for the Suuri Kurpitsa magazine. In addition to that, she has cooperated as the script writer with her spouse, cartoonist Karri Laitinen.

In spite of her background as an illustrator Rapia describes her process of making cartoons as basically script-oriented. The difference between comic narrative and visual art – and, in particular, photography – she has described by saying that in the comic album, “the excitement continues for much longer,” compared to the visual arts exhibition.


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