Mari Ahokoivu

Mari Ahokoivu (born in 1984) is a prominent young artist originally from Oulu, Northern Finland. Ahokoivu’s linework has developed into a delicate and recognisable line with a sparing use of colours. Her themes vary from autobiographical or semi-autobiographical works to short poetic pieces, real world commentary, pop culture satire and children’s comics.

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Ahokoivu also works as an illustrator and teacher, and has worked as the co-editor of Finnish Comics Society’s Sarjainfo magazine. She is one of the pioneers of Finnish comics blogs. Many young artists now publish online and develop networks via comics blogs, often with diary-like stories.

Ahokoivu made an unusual debut by creating a comprehensive guidebook to making comics, Sarjakuvantekijän opas (2007). As for her personal artwork, Ahokoivu’s debut album was Löydä minut tästä kaupungista (2009), a graphic story of alienation and inner demons in a strange city.

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Sanni & Joonas -Talviyö (2014)
Otso (2013)
about his Need More Shadows (2012)
Batuman 2: Batuman Returns (2012)
Batuman (2010)
Ennustus (2010)

Löydä minut tästä kaupungista (2009)
Sarjakuvantekijän opas (2007)

Publications in French:

Lola Olifante 1: Mais où vas-tu donc Lola? (2014)
Lola Olifante 2: Mais qu’as-tu donc dans ton panier, Lola? (2014)

Publications in Swedish:

Sanni & Jonas (2015)

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