Matti Hagelberg

Using scratch cardboard, Hagelberg (born in 1964) unashamedly combines influences from pop culture and high culture, Elvis and William Shakespeare alike. His refined style is heavy yet light, aware of the visual history of the humankind, yet undoubtedly original. Hagelberg likes to play with the norms of storytelling. He has been widely published in a number of countries, including France by L’Association and the United States in Blab and Hotwire.

In terms of volume, Hagelberg’s most significant works are Holmenkollen (2000), Kekkonen (2004), and Silvia Regina (2010), but the artist himself sees everything he has ever made, from sketchbooks to larger works, as parts of a continuum called B.E.M. (as in bug-eyed monster). Nineteen B.E.M. publications have been published thus far. Hagelberg’s latest project is the monthly comic book Läskimooses.

Publications Läskimooses (2012–)
Intia sataa paraatilleni (2011)
Silvia Regina (2010)

Kova länsi (2008)
Kekkonen (2004)
Holmenkollen (2000)
Zombie Justice (1998)
Tikapuuhermosto (1998)
Venuksen sulttaani (1996)

In English
B.E.M. 11: Universal Pictures! (2002)
B.E.M. 10: Mr Mokamat (2000)
B.E.M. 8: Zombie Justice (1999)

In Swedish
Kekkonen (2005)
Holmenkollen (2001)

In French Hard West (2009)
Kekkonen (2007)
L’Association en Inde (with  other authors, 2006)
Le sultan de Vénus et autres moëlles d’invertébrés (2003)
Holmenkollen (2002)
B.E.M. #11:Universal Pictures (2000)
B.E.M. #10: Mr. Mokamat (2000)
B.E.M.: Action-paction (1999)
B.E.M. #8: Zombie justice (1998)
B.E.M. #4: Sinful Ways of Simpli City (1996)

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