Milla Paloniemi

Milla Paloniemi (born in 1983) is one of the best-known comics artists of her generation in Finland. Paloniemi’s Kiroileva siili (”The Cursing Hedgehog”) has reached relatively great mainstream popularity in a short period of time. Originally a web comic, Kiroileva siili transitioned to print in 2007. Paloniemi’s quirky, subtly anarchistic humor strip, written in a recognizable ostrobotnian dialect, proved to be a major best-seller, outperforming most novels, not just graphic novels, in the bookstore market. As such, Paloniemi remains the only major popular breakthrough from the web to mainstream popularity in Finnish Comics, although the vast undergrowth of Finnish web comics suggests more will follow.

Despite her success, Paloniemi continues as one of the most active web cartoonists in Finland, regularily updating both Kiroileva siili and her autobiographical comics blog, En vaan osaa! (literally translating as ”I just can’t!”). In her blog, Paloniemi chronicles her every day struggles with a tongue-in-cheek self-deprecation, using an exaggerated style reminiscent of Roberta Gregory. Her blog comics have also been collected in the En vaan osaa! albums in 2008 and 2010. Paloniemi’s works also include numerous strips and short stories in different magazines and exhibitions.

Paloniemi, a vegetarian and a dog owner, is a staunch defender of animal rights. Animal rights and the fight against animal abuse are strong themes in many of her works.


Veera ja minä (Sammakko, 2013)
Kiroileva siili 6 (Sammakko, 2012)

Sarjakuvakeittokirja (ed.) (Sammakko, 2011)
Kiroileva siili 5 (Sammakko, 2011)
En vaan osaa! II (Sammakko, 2010)
Kiroileva siili IV (Sammakko, 2010)
Kiroileva siili III (Sammakko, 2009)
Kettu & minä (Sammakko, 2009)
En vaan osaa! (Sammakko, 2008)
Kiroileva siili II (Sammakko, 2008)
Tassutellen (Sammakko, 2007)
Kiroileva siili (Sammakko, 2007)
Kiroileva siili (self-published, 2006)
Tassutellen (self-published, 2004)

In English
The Cursing Hedgehog


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