Pertti Jarla

Pertti JarlaPertti Jarla (born in 1971) is a self-taught comic artist and best-known for his comic Fingerpori, which is one of the most popular and commercially successful comic strips in Finland. Besides a multitude of merchandise and other sideprojects, a Fingerpori stage play had its premiere in autumn 2012.

The success of Fingerpori began in 2006 when Jarla came in third in the Nordic Comics Competition with a strip series called Karl-Barks-Stadt, which was first picked up by tabloid magazine Ilta-Sanomat and from there caught the interest of Finland’s biggest newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat. The paper took Jarla on as a regular comic artist, Karl-Barks-Stadt changed its name to Fingerpori, and the rest is history.

Jarla’s humour is largely based on wordplay, limping jokes, and uninhibited choice of subject, and the strips frequently test the boundaries of political correctness.


Fingerpori albums
Fingerpori 6 (2013)
Fingerpori: Kuntauudistus (2012)
Fingerpori 5 (2012)
Fingerpori 4 (2011)
Fingerpori: Kamppailuni (2011)

Fingerpori: Heräämisopas (2010)
Fingerpori 3 (2010)
Fingerpori 2 (2009)
Fingerpori (2008)

Pikku-Fingerpori albums
Pikku-Fingerpori 6: Underground-Fingerpori (2012, with guest artists)
Pikku-Fingerpori 5: Mökki-Fingerpori (2011, with guest artists)
Pikku-Fingerpori 4: Fingerpörriäinen (2010, with guest artists)

Pikku(joulu)-Fingerpori 3: Kinkkuja ja kiusauksia (2009, with guest artists)
Pikku-Fingerpori 2: Fingerpori rakentaa ja remontoi (2009, with guest artists)
Pikku-Fingerpori 1: Kähmintää ja kytköksiä (2008, with guest artists)
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