Reetta Niemensivu

Backed by training in graphic design, Reetta Niemensivu (1979) gracefully combines ink drawing, water color, shadow and image processing in her artwork. Finland’s largest daily newspaper Helsingin Sanomat named her debut album Lempi ja rakkaus (“Amour and Love”) as the breakthrough of the month. It is said to be a melancholy, beautiful and timeless love story, which could have been used for the Finnish romantic film industry (Suomi-filmi) in the 1950’s.

The second album Aavepianisti ja muita kertomuksia (“The Ghost Pianist and other stories”, 2011) includes four ghost stories, which the author claims to be based on factual events. In one of the stories, a priest is going to have to deal with demons in the priest’s house, together with his daughter. Saniainen kukkii juhannuksena (“The Fern Blooms in Midsummer”) tells the real life story of a lightning struck church in the 1920’s, based on a story in the artist’s family heritage.


Saniainen kukkii juhannuksena (2013)
Aavepianisti ja muita kertomuksia (2011)
Lempi ja rakkaus (2010)

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