Reijo Kärkkäinen

Visual and graphic artist Kärkkäinen (born in 1964) also contributes to the world of comics. In Finland, his comics have mainly been featured in the Glömp anthology and in a free comics magazine Kuti. Outside Finland, he is probably best known for the serigraphy publications he has made for the French group Le Dernier Cri. His comics have also been published in Russia and Canada.


No One Go Home (silk screen print)
Pielavesi (silk screen print)
Robocop of The Piss Factory Visit Kungfu Bingo (silk screen print)

In French:
Robocop of the piss factory visit kungfu bingo (2008)
DC-money/Dead cash (2007)
My uncle wanted to be a gardener (in Bête Noire 1/2005, 2005)
Hôpital Brut numéros 4, 5, 6 et 7 (2000-2006)
Money Tox (2003)
Pielavesi (2000)

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