Riitta Uusitalo

Riitta Uusitalo (born in 1960) has had a long career in comics, children’s literature, visual arts as well as graphics. In her whimsical comics Uusitalo typically depicts day-to-day life with an absurd twist. The everyday toil of a family may suddenly turn into a delicious chaos. Having been at her most active as a comic artist in the 1980’s and 1990’s, Uusitalo has been a role model for many contemporary female comic artists. She was one of the pioneers of female comic artists: nowadays male/female proportion is getting close to 50/50, but back then comics were strictly for men. Uusitalo brought new themes (femininity, family life with kids) into Finnish comics. Nowadays Uusitalo quite rarely draws comics: she has mostly been writing childrens’ books.


Hajamieliset haikarat, eli, Kuinka Risuset melkein saivat vauvan (1997)
Hauskaa naistenpäivää, rouva Risunen (1993)
Rakastakaa minua hellästi, neiti (1986)


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