Roope Eronen

koirankakkaa_2Roope Eronen (1982) has published independent comics since 1997. He is part of the Kutikuti collective and one of the editors of Kuti­ magazine. He also runs the small Petomies publishing house with his partner, comics artist Amanda Vähämäki. Eronen has also created children’s comics and art work for children’s books. Apart from comics and publishing, Eronen makes also experimental music in Nuslux and organises events.


Lynx (2014)
Advanced Offices & Humans ­ Menestyksen avain
Offices & Humans ­ Tie Customexiin (2012)
Koirankakkaa (2011)
Eläimiä ­ Animals (2009)

In French:
Offices & Humans – le livre dont vous ętes l’ętre humain (2014)

In English:
Magnetism (2014) 

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