Terhi Ekebom

With a penchant for trying out different styles, Ekebom (born in 1971) often depicts people’s inability to face each other and the resulting alienation. Ekebom’s published albums include Cow’s Dream (2001), Stella di Natale (2004), Uusissa maisemissa (2005), Honeymoon Island (2007) Voyage (2010) and Kummituslapsi (2013).

Her work is also included in our site a number of anthologies, including the Finnish Comics Annual series. Ekebom has taken part in a number of comic exhibitions, for example in Portugal, France, Brazil, and the Netherlands. She also works as an illustrator.

In 2014 Ekebom was awarded the prestigious Puupäähattu award by the Finnish Comics Society for her career in comics.

Publications in Finnish and English

The Logbook (2015)
Kummituslapsi / The Ghost Child
Honeymoon Island (2007)
Uusissa maisemissa (2005)
Stella di Natale (2004)
Cow’s Dream (2001)


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