Tiina Pystynen

Tiina Pystynen (b. 1955) is a writer and a graphic artist who works in Helsinki. The best known works of her wide-range visual and textual production are, among others, Onnen koukku (The Hook of Luck, 1992), Leskikuningattaren muistelmat (The Memoirs of a Widow Queen, 1993), and Lemmentanssit (The Dances of Love, 2009). Finnish Comics Society decided to award the annual Puupäähattu reward (literally, Blockhead Hat reward, for the memory of the Finnish comics character Pekka Puupää, Pete the Blockhead) of the year 2010 to her.

In her production Pystynen processes the different aspects of womanhood, such as sexuality and taboo elements which are related to it. In ”The Dances of Love” she examines the classics of the art world and their way to describe sex with the methods of the graphics, from the cave paintings to the present day.

The second starting point for Pystynen’s work is subjectivity. In the ”adults’ picture book” (the Memoirs of a Widow Queen) she processes the grief subsequent to a spouse’s death.

To the works of Pystynen, demarcation between a picture and a word has been central – in addition to comic strip also between prose, a poetry and graphic art. She has brought out her role as the loser who is seriously labelled, “as a drawer of poems”, in her essay collection Runousoppi: teoria ja käytäntö (Poetics: Theory and Practice, 2004) assessing the status of the image and the word historic art widely in the field and the reasons for the complexity of the situation of traditional arts in the borders.

Lemmentanssit (2009)
Mä tahdoin paratiisiin (2006)
Runousoppi: teoria ja käytäntö (2004)
Häpeähäkki (2000)
Ystävänä yksinäisyys (1997)
Leskikuningattaren muistelmat (1993)
Onnenkoukku (1992)



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