Finnish comics in the MoCCA festival!

Finnish comics and artists will be present in the MoCCA comics festival next weekend (10th-11th April) in New York. You have a change to get to know work of five artists (and maybe meet them): Tommi Musturi, Anna Sailamaa, Kaisa Leka, Kaija Papu and Mari Ahokoivu. Finnish journalist Ville Hänninen will also be talking about Finnish art & indie comics in panel discussion “A Scandinavian Comics Primer” on Sunday (3.15 PM). Before the festival some Finnish artists will be present in following events: MoCCA Nordic Book Frenzy ( Wednesday, April 7, 7-9 PM at Desert Island, 540 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY), MoCCA Press and Industry Warm Up (Thursday, April 8. 6 – 8 PM, Scandinavia House, Volvo Hall) and MoCCA Scandinavian Invasion (Friday, April 9. 4 – 6 PM, Jim Hanley’s Universe, 4 West 33rd Street, Manhattan).
Finnish comics artists will also be part of Nordic dollhouse -exhibition in Rocketship comic book store (208 Smith street, Brooklyn, New York). Finnish artists in the Nordic dollhouse will be Tommi Musturi, Anna Sailamaa and Mari Ahokoivu. Apart from that there are several Swedish and Norweggian artists.

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