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Fumetto is an annual comics festival in Luzern, Switzerland. It focuses especially on quality exhibitions and Finnish artists have often been showcased here. This year Fumetto co-operated closely with the Finnish Comics Society and Comics Center, presenting a wide scale of Finnish comics at the Pop-up Comics Center in central Luzern. We had three floors of exhibitions, workshops and of course, comic books for the festival audience to see and read.

The artists Mari Ahokoivu, Aapo Kukko, Kaisa Leka, Eeva Meltio, Hanneriina Moisseinen, Ville Ranta, Aino Sutinen and Emmi Valve were present at the nine-day festival.


We must say the surroundings were fab.


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pop-up comics center


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mari ahokoivu fumetto

Mari Ahokoivu exhibited bears and stars.

hanneriina moisseinen

Hanneriina Moisseinen’s textile works from her graphic novel The Father.

kaisa leka fumetto

Kaisa Leka’s exhibition with a collage of comics and bike parts.

finnish comics sarjakuva fumetto

ville ranta comics concert

Ville Ranta’s live drawing with music at Comics in Concert. We also heard Sound of Music being played at the improvised show – presumably inspired by the Alpine surroundings.

niskatuki headrest fumetto

The Headrest exhibition presented the works of Heta Bilaletdin, Aapo Kukko, Eeva Meltio, Emmi Nieminen, Aino Sutinen, Jari Vaara and Emmi Valve. Each had chosen an object as an inspiration for their short story.

Photo 13.4.2014 18.32.09 

Aapo Kukko’s object was the fluffy sheep-shaped headrest.


petri koikkalainen fumetto

 Petri Koikkalainen instructed kids on the art of drawing comics at the Fumettino children’s space.

eeva meltio fumetto comics sarjakuva

 emmi valve fumetto sarjakuva comics

aapo kukko fumetto sarjakuva comics

 Eeva Meltio, Emmi Valve and Aapo Kukko each created a short story based on random objects at Gabriella Giandelli’s Pop-up Comics Center workshop.

Photo 13.4.2014 17.57.11 

The artist and teacher Mari Ahokoivu had her students create a load of tiny zines at her workshop.

hanneriina moisseinen finnish comics fumetto

 The wonderfully multi-talented Hanneriina Moisseinen played for us at the exhibition opening.

jana jakoubek fumetto

The festival director Jana Jakoubek curated all the main exhibitions at Fumetto. This year the festival focused on having a look at the creation process behind the comics, and on the borderlines between comics and related arts.

fumetto small press heaven 

kaisa leka fumetto

Kaisa Leka at our booth at Fumetto’s Small Press Heaven.

emmi valve fumetto

Emmi Valve drawing and selling comics.


The festival food was mostly vegetarian, despite this disturbing scenery.

comics dispenser

They even had a comics dispenser, just like we do in Helsinki!


The customised zine dispenser was a new one for us.

fumetto dongery panel finland norway

The panel on Nordic comics included Espen Holtestaul and Flu Hartberg from the funny Norwegian Dongery collective, as well as Ville Hänninen and Kalle Hakkola from the Finnish Comics Society. Despite the good quality of Fumetto’s talk programme, we were slightly disappointed at seeing nearly all the panel discussions consisting of all male participants. This was despite there being plenty of female artists around.

dongery fumetto
Dongery showcased office humour.

fumetto kornschütte

Thank you, Fumetto, and hope to see you again soon!

Text: Aino Sutinen

Photos: Aapo Kukko & Aino Sutinen

More Fumetto photos at their Facebook page here.

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Aino Sutinen

Aino Sutinen is a comics artist and Press Officer at the Finnish Comics Society.
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