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Johanna Rojola on Finnish comics, women and France

La bande dessinée finlandaise 2013 is the third issue in the Finnish Comics Annual series. Every year the book’s editor is free to choose the contents in her/his liking. My interviewee Johanna “Roju” Rojola is an experienced comics artist who has now edited La bande dessinée finlandaise 2013, together with Kalle Hakkola. Rojola points out that, the name notwithstanding, the book does not only present comics from the year concerned. The anthology’s aim is to have a certain theme connecting its stories.
At the book launch with Riitta Uusitalo, Tiina Pystynen and Johanna Rojola.

Riitta Uusitalo, Tiina Pystynen and Johanna Rojola at the book launch.

La bande dessinée finlandaise 2013

Artists: Mari AhokoivuMaria BjörklundTerhi EkebomAnnukka LeppänenHanneriina MoisseinenReetta NiemensivuTiina PystynenKati RapiaAnna SailamaaTiitu TakaloKatja TukiainenRiitta UusitaloAmanda Vähämäki La bande dessinée finlandaise 2013, edited by  Johanna Rojola et Kalle Hakkola, is a joint publication of the Finnish Comics Society and Rackham. It is the third part of the Finnish Comics Annual series. Translation from Finnish by Jean-Michel Kalmbach, Kirsi Kinnunen, Lucie Labreuille and Claire Saint-Germain. Proofreading by Anne Cavarroc and Kirsi Kinnunen. Graphic layout by Heidi Salminen. Thanks to Johan Brandstedt, Ville Manninen, Tommi Musturi, Pirita Paananen, Aino Sutinen and Janne Vainio. This work is published with the help of FILI (Finnish Literature Exchange) and the Ministry of Education and Culture.   Le Finnish Comics Annual 2013, publié sous la direction de  Johanna Rojola et Kalle Hakkola, est une coédition entre  le Finnish Comics Society et Rackham. Traduit du finnois par Jean-Michel Kalmbach, Kirsi Kinnunen, Lucie Labreuille et Claire Saint-Germain. Relecture des traductions par Anne Cavarroc et Kirsi Kinnunen. Conception graphique de Heidi Salminen. © 2013 Finnish Comics Society et Rackham Dépôt légal : Premier trimestre 2013 Merci à Johan Brandstedt, Ville Manninen, Tommi Musturi, Pirita Paananen, Aino Sutinen et Janne Vainio. Cet ouvrage est publié avec l’aide du FILI (Finnish Literature Exchange), et du Ministère de l’Education et de la Culture. ISBN 978-2-87827-155-3 ISSN 2323-3109

Freedom of expression for sale

Ninni Aalto Tiina PystynenA couple of years ago a magazine asked me for comics. They gave me a carte blanche to draw anything I wanted. Yet, after a couple of strips my drawings stopped appearing. When I asked for the reason, the editor told that (s)he had forgotten my comics during a magazine reform. There was no room for them anymore. I don’t know whether that was the real reason. Maybe my comics did not fit into the magazine’s line or my fee was too high? My joy for a regular income had been premature. I was back worrying about my livelihood once again.
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