Joonas Rinta-Kanto

Joonas Rinta-Kanto (born in 1982) is a Finnish comic artist and illustrator whose popular cartoon strip Fok_It has gained a large fan base in Finland. The cartoon is based on silly mundane jokes, or sometimes seeming without a joke at all, written with spoken everyday language.

Fok_It tells the story of common people and their goofy (mis)understandings of life. The cartoon got started in 2009 when Rinta-Kanto started a blog named Fok_It for he wanted to start making comics after not getting in to study graphic design. By 2010 he had his first comic collection published and so he became a self-taught comic artist instead of a graphic designer. These days Fok_It appears in Helsingin Sanomat’s Nyt supplement and portal five times a week and has made Rinta-Kanto a full-time cartoon artist.

Fok_It is a three image comic strip done with mostly talking heads and every now and then appearing spirit animals who enlighten people’s rough Mondays or general feeling of blue. In 2014 Säihkyturpa, the rainbow spirit unicorn, was the official mascot of Helsinki Comics Festival. The comic’s somewhat rough artistic style pairs up nicely with the clumsiness of the characters, achieving to make the readers understand a bit better their simpler mindsets.


Fok_it has not been translated, but Rinta-Kanto has some other works in English.


Fok_It Elämä (2014)
Fok_It 4 (2013)
Fok_It 3 (2012)
Fok_It 2 (2011)
Fok_It (2010)

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